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Put simply, definitely not. Short sleeve shirts are casual garments and shouldn’t be mixed with formal accessories such as ties. For sweltering summer days in the office invest in a slim fit short sleeve shirt sans tie, or grab your laptop and head for the roof terrace. 


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Your tie should just touch the top of your belt. The length of your tie is not really relevant, as long as when you tie your knot it just reaches your belt, or the top of your trousers if you are wearing suit trousers or suspenders.


Tying a tie with a dimple is actually quite a simple process. Begin by loosely knotting yourfavourite silk tie, and when pulling tight around the neck simultaneously pinch the fabric of the front blade to create a tuck (or ‘dimple’) et voila! Don’t over-style the dimple too much the aim here is to be suave and effortless.

When it comes to tie clips, tie bars are certainly the best. These generally feature as silver or gold coloured strips that reach right across the tie’s width before folding back to form the clip behind. These are commonly embellished with chains and decoration. Avoid the smaller spring-loaded clips found in gift sets with matching cufflinks. These short and stubby versions offer enticing bold decoration but only reach about an inch or so into the tie which removes the symmetry of the whole tie concept.


The purpose of the clip is not only to decorate the tie but lift it which works especially well with a waistcoat. Aim to lift the knot so it ‘flows’ out of the collar with the tie returning to touch the shirt around 4-6 inches under where the clip clasps the tie and shirt, including the other end of the tie between. With a waistcoat aim for a bold lift, without simply let the tie hang naturally and clip, since the natural spring of the fabric will do the rest.