Bespoke Ties

Our bespoke ties allow you to choose the fabric, along with the perfect width, length and finish for your personal style.

Our bespoke ties are handmade in Italy and usually take 4-6 weeks to be delivered.

A bespoke tie, made exactly to the customer’s specifications:

- 3-fold or 7-fold
- length (1cm steps)
- width (0.5cm steps)
- hand-rolled or self-tipped

You can also have your tie monogrammed, either on the end of the wide blade (on the back, of course) or on the keeper. You can tell us your desired initials in your email.

How to determine your ideal tie length: most people want their tie to end roughly at the middle of their belt buckle with both ends of equal length. So just take a tie, wear it with your preferred pants (rise is obviously important), shirt and tie knot and see where it lands when you tie both ends the same length. If the tie is now, for example, 3cm longer than you like you will need a tie that is 6cm shorter than usual. Our standard tie length is 147cm.

If you have any specific requests, such as producing a tie from a particular fabric, or any other enquires, please contact us via